About Us

Invest for Living was founded back in 2006 with a mission of providing everyday Australians with the highest quality financial advice, at an affordable price.

We were tired of seeing high quality advice only being made available to people who already had lots of money.

We have always believed that high quality advice should be available at a level that is affordable for most, not just the wealthy. After all, they are the people that can benefit the most from good financial advice.

Our team has been assembled to provide our clients with the best advice when it comes to planning for retirement, helping clients tackle the big questions such as:

– How much do I need to retire
– When can I retire
– How to maximise government benefits in retirement
– How to minimise tax in retirement, and much more.

Another important decision we made is that we did not want to be owned, licenced or controlled in any way by a institution or product provider (such as a bank, super fund or insurance company).

The reason for that is that we did not want to be forced by some institution to sell their financial products to our clients.

In other words, we work for our clients, not some bank or super fund, and we focus on advice, not selling financial products.

Sure, financial products need to come into the picture at some stage. We all need them. But we wanted the freedom to recommend the best financial products we could find, not be limited by some big bank or super fund.

If you would like to book a free initial consultation with us to see how we can help you, click here.

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